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In collaboration with BSR:
Gender responsive due diligence – making women workers count

Sorry the event has passed. Please see the recorded version or download the power point here.

  • Shed light on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 observed at a global level as well as across value chains. 
  • Learn how BSR’s new Gender Data and Impact Tool can help brands and suppliers to collect, analyze and act to address identified gendered challenges.
  • Hear from BSR and ETI on their approach to support brands efforts to conduct gender-responsive due diligence, including new tools and initiatives.

The event will be held in English.

Migrant workers at particular risk in times of the pandemic

We’re sorry, the event has passed. Want to see the recorded version or download the power point? Please check here.

  • Why are migrant workers disproportionally at risk from the impact of the pandemic?
  • How can companies safeguard respect of human rights for migrant workers?
  • How can companies, unions, public actors and civil society collaborate?

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